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Fancy Rodrez
She wore them, yet they have price tags. Give me a break.
Comment from : Fancy Rodrez

يا زهرآء الزهراء قدوتي
اطيني واحد 💔☹️🥺
Comment from : يا زهرآء الزهراء قدوتي

Kseniya Ryazanceva
When don't know to buy anyway shoping does it to be buy jeans everytimy may be not brain!
Comment from : Kseniya Ryazanceva

Kendra Rose
I dare you to try have a minimalist closet... you would not survive LOL
Comment from : Kendra Rose

Miss Meowmix
I like this Paris.
Comment from : Miss Meowmix

Lilly Jasmine
🎶💖✌ Wow, that pretty Paris Hilton so lovable girly's. ✌💖🎶
Comment from : Lilly Jasmine

Poor all paris realatives who migth get red of all this stuff when paris dying
Comment from : Melicia

Diwitdhar Pati tripathi
Astronaut and fighter jet . And field artillery guns.
Comment from : Diwitdhar Pati tripathi

Diwitdhar Pati tripathi
Love jeans too . Me myself.
Comment from : Diwitdhar Pati tripathi

Diwitdhar Pati tripathi
She's quite athletic figure. Like a football or basketball or volleyball or Polo horserider player . Figure. Or a rifle shooting game figure. Totally unfair to confine her to just housewives things. When she's a Born sportswoman . Martial arts. Just like me. I am too. Though during growing age too much fasting because of mantra sidhii endeavors. Otherwise iam a very terrific sportswoman. Martial art and wrestling and horserider and football and baseball and volleyball and basketball. Me too. Gardening and landscaping and agriculture and weightlifting and boxing and swordsman and Spears . Rifles . Aviation and heavy vehicles and little few more things.
Comment from : Diwitdhar Pati tripathi

Diwitdhar Pati tripathi
OMG so much jeans. Agolde jeans. Somwati . She's perfect for jeans wears . Somewhat tall and good figure. Perfect for jeans wears. Somwati. Salwarsuit too much pathetic.
Comment from : Diwitdhar Pati tripathi

0:04 why does she sound like Mariah Carey here
Comment from : kelso

Wow... She have 3 voices. Hahaha
Comment from : Madeliefje

Salena Karaje
She’s the OG of everything and she needs to come back😫 No one talks about her anymore 😭😂❤️
Comment from : Salena Karaje

JHope watches nisekoi
Her normal voice is prettier
Comment from : JHope watches nisekoi

Пресняков Алексей
Некоторые думают что они ужи, на самом деле они ползуют па моей ладоне и я знаю вкакую сторону тот или иной апанент
Выпрыгнет нужно лишь нимного
Подождать, ипазицыя абретает свой спокойный парог паправу!
Пост Тим нидествителен!
Пост Алы недествительны!

Comment from : Пресняков Алексей

Red Vega
Omg it is her real voiiiice
Comment from : Red Vega

Strawberries For life
Paris is so much sweeter than kim k!
Comment from : Strawberries For life

This closet is spectacular and has a variety of clothes
Comment from : LETICIA MARQUES

Bernard Huther
You Vogue spécialiste new jeans 100 pièces now problème you dressing absolut monstre shopping you perfect mode super Blondie super mode for you normal y love this you angel
Comment from : Bernard Huther

The Music Record Machine
The closet Kesha threw up in.
Comment from : The Music Record Machine

Ciwi Bell
Ciao Bellissima. Che vestiti meravigliosi. Mi regali qualcosa ? Grazie io sono a Roma.
Comment from : Ciwi Bell

Opal Indigo
Her voice is actually deep. It's nice and raspy.
Comment from : Opal Indigo

prem anand
W.l.n. India. T.
Comment from : prem anand

prem anand
Comment from : prem anand

Abrahan Gonzales
Que feos sus jeans 😣😣😣
Comment from : Abrahan Gonzales

Taryn Dugger
Like OMG so hot!😨🤬🤮
Comment from : Taryn Dugger

Hanadi Ayoub
So that explains it allllllll 😮 why Kim Kardashian speaks with her lower lip dangled down and open mouth all the time!!!!!!! It’s the imitation 😣
Comment from : Hanadi Ayoub

Jimmy FTW
She is much more real than Kim K.
#Kardashian is boring

Comment from : Jimmy FTW

laura Weathers
Where is Kim to help you Paris😂😂
Comment from : laura Weathers

Micky Castañeda
Paris mija lo que no quieras me lo puedes dar enviarmelo a Santa paula ca. Gracias bendiciones.
Comment from : Micky Castañeda

sheena b
I’ve never heard her SOUND like that. Like a normal person 😱
Comment from : sheena b

She owns a store of jeans
Comment from : Euleo

Alberto Santiago
worst denim pieces ever
Comment from : Alberto Santiago

Yuliya Shigrina
Больные на тряпки....секонд хенд
Comment from : Yuliya Shigrina

Laura Esperanza
Hoarder, you are not gonna have enough time in your lite for wearing at least the half
Comment from : Laura Esperanza

Roop Kaur
She is actually quite classy
Comment from : Roop Kaur

jacek sinzinger
a jest dla kubusia sinzinger wife Paris Hilton sinzinger jest mini przeciez widze
Comment from : jacek sinzinger

Lyn timson
An original socialite not the wannabes we see now
Comment from : Lyn timson

Oh my god she’s so glamorous, my eyes will pop out (not like there’s something wrong with glamour or Paris, there’s something wrong with me)
Comment from : K B

Be Glam
Her voice seems so different here
Comment from : Be Glam

sara rosso
1:40 i love those!! i had some similar a few years ago
Comment from : sara rosso

Ryu Ryan
Comment from : Ryu Ryan

Sad Indeed.
At 0:55 I think she used her real voice!
Comment from : Sad Indeed.

Nicole Scopick
I need the jean jacket Paris is wearing 😩
Comment from : Nicole Scopick

Taylor Shackelford
Her voice 🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Taylor Shackelford

casey linares

Comment from : casey linares

zunaira faiz
Her voice sounds deeper. I really miss her being in the spotlight
Comment from : zunaira faiz

NinaB0307 T
I miss her too
Comment from : NinaB0307 T

미쳤어 너무 예뻐..목소리마저 예쁨🙆‍♀️
Comment from : 휘인맘무

Prabhleen Reen
her clothes have so much history behind them lol it seems nice
Comment from : Prabhleen Reen

Alexa Quinonez
She has soo many clothes 😳 i love to see her clean her closet out, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t wear more than half of those too🤔
Comment from : Alexa Quinonez

iz a
She sounds like she really misses the old times and it makes me sad.
Comment from : iz a

Ryan Aquino
Kim kardashian who?
Comment from : Ryan Aquino

pie milla
The original paris hilton before the kardashians.
Comment from : pie milla

Fluox Trix
2019 ainda muuito plena ....
Comment from : Fluox Trix

max is skinny
omg this does not sound like her i’m shook
Comment from : max is skinny

Ummu Hamzah Z
She sounds different. more mature and calm.
Comment from : Ummu Hamzah Z

Mr Grey
She want to like a kardashians but she can 't make it 🤣
Comment from : Mr Grey

Prince Jay
I always loved Paris closet.
Comment from : Prince Jay

Like she said, some clothes... she won't be wearing them again.. Would be nice if she donate some clothes to those who would actually wear them, Or sell them as second hand for Charity =)
Comment from : Yuen

can't believe she's 38
Comment from : Charissa

Михаил Асеев
So does she eat babies?
Comment from : Михаил Асеев

zohrya kanowah
Shes one that inspire me with her closet...😍
Comment from : zohrya kanowah

Muhammad Mikhail
she didnt lost count she DOESNT know hoe to count
Comment from : Muhammad Mikhail

Многие вещи уже вышли из моды. Видимо, они у нее десятками лет копятся. Юбки вон висят в моде были в начале 2000.
Comment from : N N

imagine being rich
Comment from : bree

Seksi Wellness
Can you shut up Paris please 😒😭🙏
Comment from : Seksi Wellness

Lola Taylor
2019 anyone???
Comment from : Lola Taylor

I actually love her style
Comment from : emDawg

Kall Me Kiki
😍 She literally has every girls Dream closet 🏡🤗😯💕
Comment from : Kall Me Kiki

gucci pumps prada boots
I love paris hilton era! She's rich and famous but not dramatic. And i can tell she has a good heart.
Comment from : gucci pumps prada boots

Jain Manari
She's an amazing person, better than Kim Kardashian who lacks class
Comment from : Jain Manari

Archishaa Singh
She sucks she dumped nick carter. Actually she's stupid.
Comment from : Archishaa Singh

Jasmine Castillo
I love how she changes her tone of voice so wquick lol
Comment from : Jasmine Castillo

Anna Julian
The original queen of closets and clothes. She’s gorgeous.
Comment from : Anna Julian

I wish she gave me all her clothes that she didn’t want
Comment from : Cristianandtupac

Jason Wood
Low-rise is supposed to make a huge comeback
Comment from : Jason Wood

Michelle Won
I like Paris better than Kim
Comment from : Michelle Won

Norma Irizarry
If I could have any celebrities closet, it would be Paris Hilton's.
Comment from : Norma Irizarry

Angel Sjöberg
Her voice
Comment from : Angel Sjöberg

how i adore Paris Hilton ... she has always been TRUE to herself, no matter what people could say. She is definition of sweetness, authenticity, glam & eternal youth. in ANY MANNER Kardashian sis' could handle this !
Comment from : CategoryIsBlack

Jose Adame
Paris and Nicole were the og celebrity’s
Comment from : Jose Adame

Do Corte de Cana Para o Mundo
Ciao tesoro, quanto sei bella, quanta bellissima roba che hai... se ti avanza qualcosa mandamela per favore 😁😂🤣😉😉😘🤗😍
Comment from : Do Corte de Cana Para o Mundo

Voni Carlo
Quer doar um pouco de roupas para os pobres?
Comment from : Voni Carlo

Francisco Rojas
I like her voice
Comment from : Francisco Rojas

Adriana Noelle
It’s funny how she’s worth so much more than the kartrashians, and she acts more humble. Not to mention she’s matured so much! Good for you, Paris.
Comment from : Adriana Noelle

Tyler Warner
Her voice is so different and mature, she must put on the high voice as an act.
Comment from : Tyler Warner

Shalaine Cruise
Wish you can give me your old clothes and jeans ♥
Comment from : Shalaine Cruise

gangsta rebel
Its kinda tiring to fix all of that , thats why most of the celebrities and riches hire some closet organizers to fix their closets.. I like paris hilton although shes crazy sometimes 😂😁 the real IT girl and hollywood socialite 😊😊
Comment from : gangsta rebel

Jinelle Archuleta
She kinda sounds like Diana Agron
Comment from : Jinelle Archuleta

Mohammad Al-Drees
An ASMR closet tour!
Comment from : Mohammad Al-Drees

Kseniya Ryazanceva
Real jeans change can up spiriting all yet ugly to say your look life.
Comment from : Kseniya Ryazanceva

Douglas Tanno
More of Paris please! She’s the greatest. Maybe 73 questions?
Comment from : Douglas Tanno

Lisa Jessick
Not working is cute, Frankie, Im gonna take a nap now.You better be working when I awake. So hot.
Comment from : Lisa Jessick

sol ba
her v o i c e
Comment from : sol ba

Even though she lives in a giant house. she doesnt have enough place for all her clothes
Comment from : RuskoKain

Comment from : oop

Kaylyn Jennifer
Her voice is so soothing lol sorry if that’s weird🤷🏾‍♀️
Comment from : Kaylyn Jennifer

Ms Fine Wine
She really grew up in wealth. I mean she doesn't even exaggerate about how expensive her stuff is
Comment from : Ms Fine Wine

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