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Alex Schaffers
Enjoy the video. I going to Madrid in September. Do each adult need to purchase a Tourist Travel Pass? I have seen videos of people sharing the pass.
Comment from : Alex Schaffers

Devendra Suryawanshi
Thank you for giving information
Comment from : Devendra Suryawanshi

This is so confusing! It's not your fault, Antoinette. I appreciate your video. It's Madrid's fault - they probably have the most confusing transit fare system I've ever encountered! I will only be staying in Madrid for a few days. Staying mostly in zone A using the metro. So I don't know if the €12,20 10-ticket journey will work with the subway!
Comment from : rivenade

blog visiter
Thnxx very explained
Comment from : blog visiter

Your video has been so helpful. Thank you.
Comment from : phantomsuccour

Such a great video as I'm going soon...if I buy a 3 day tourist pass for the metro at 9pm does it the end at the same time 3 days later.
Comment from : GXgaming

Gracias ...Nice Video
Comment from : JC

Devendra Suryawanshi
Very suggestion dear give tips or more
Comment from : Devendra Suryawanshi

Yeru Barr
Hi, i had a question that maybe you mentioned but I didn’t hear it, the public transportation can take me to other cities like barcelona, toledo, avila, seville, etc?
Comment from : Yeru Barr

Zoltán Loderer
Incredible complicated system. And cheap? Come to Prague and you will see. You buy a zone ticket for about 1.2 Euro and for 90 minutes you can travel on Metro, busses, trams within that zone changing any times you want. Hm? For 1.2 Euro you can take metro and bus from centre of Prague to the airpot. Simple and cheap
Comment from : Zoltán Loderer

David Wells
We are going to Madrid in a few months fall of 2019.
Your video has lots of information that I was looking for! 😁
How accessible is the Metro? My wife can't climb steps well.

Comment from : David Wells

Awkwardly Kim
I need to get from the Airport into Madrid, and back2 days later. How walkable is the city whilst I'm there? Am I better off just getting the bus into Madrid from the airport and walking whilst I'm there? It all seems so confusing :o
Comment from : Awkwardly Kim

Cristina Leung
Hello, I'm visiting Madrid end of Sept and I would like to know if I arrive from the airport and I buy the single journey from the airport can I use that same card again to load 10 journey tickets for $12.20? Thanks
Comment from : Cristina Leung

To be honest your video was quite confusing.
Comment from : Javad

Cabify is cheaper (and better in my experience) than uber.
Comment from : robert111k

Hi. The video is very informative but I am kinda confuse >.<

If I buy a multi card and load it with metrobus 10 journey ticket, can i share that one card with 5 people? Thanks a lot :)

Comment from : chippyhopi

Hildiana Bofill
Love this.video and.by.the.way., your Spanish pronunciation is.Awesome! Congrats, thanks a lot! Very heplful💜💜💜
Comment from : Hildiana Bofill

Sorry for asking but I’ve watched this video 3 times and I’m still confused lol I really just need to get from the airport to plaza mayor and back as the furthest I’ll have to walk is 10 mins and I won’t need to use the metro or bus for anything else and when I google map the bus/train options it shows c1 and c4 and I’m not sure what kind of ticket I’ll have to buy...I’m wondering if you could help?
Comment from : Jessilynn

Deepak Tomar
Hi Anton,
Thanks for posting this helpful video :) I
Do you know how can I check zone for a specific address

Comment from : Deepak Tomar

Aymen AlAwady
Many thanks for the informative video. I am planning to spend 3 nights in Madrid with my family (mostly in the city center). My questions are, do I need to purchase a ticket for the child (4 years old) and which one is better Metro or buses inside the city center.
Comment from : Aymen AlAwady

Kriti Ahluwalia
Great and Very informative video :)
I am visiting barcelona and madrid in June.
I will be there in madrid for 1 day only.
I should take a tourist pass or 10 journey ticket or any other pass. I am confused which will be cheaper and better for me as there are so many options.

Comment from : Kriti Ahluwalia

patrick liao
Thanks for the information! I'll be staying for 7 nights at the Marriott Hotel near the airport. Aside from a day trip to Toledo, I plan to spend the time in Madrid. I understand there's a bus from my hotel to the city center. Should I buy a 6 or 7 day tourist pass for zone A? A 7-day tourist pass for zone A cost 35 euros. Is that the best bargain? Thank you, Patrick
Comment from : patrick liao

henry ike
Great vid. Would be in Madrid next month and look forward to a exciting stay there. Heard about the Abono card. Is it same as the multi public transport...?
Comment from : henry ike

Pedro Matos
Hi! I just found your channel and I I'm already a big fan!

Great video! Loved it and loved you!☺❤

Comment from : Pedro Matos

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