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Tom Liu
I like this red colour, very cool
Comment from : Tom Liu

Does the Pathfinder have trace control like the Rogue?
Comment from : thelifeaquatica

Bottleneck Engineering
I have armada 2010 bought it 9 years ago its at 100k quick like a rocket can beat anything on the road but recently i drove pathfinder expected a little bit of flavour of armada but man what a disappointment that CVT is a dealbreaker Honda Odyssey is faster than pathfinder
Comment from : Bottleneck Engineering

I like when he said the sit for mother in love,Lol.
Comment from : Sharpshooter

David Black
Another great review. Pathfinder over Atlas when price is considered, otherwise probably the VW.
Comment from : David Black

I'm currently renting a brand new 2020 Pathfinder SL 4x4 (Picked it up with only 5 miles on it). While the ride is nice, and its fairly comfortable, the Infotainment system is very 2011ish. The Navigation System is not smooth..as you are driving, the map is not flowing smoothly, as navigation systems did from about 2008 - 2012 era. There is no Pandora App (unless you download them and install, but system will not let me since its a rental), and there is no Apple Carplay or Android Auto, which for a 2020 vehicle, there is no excuse for. I can't imagine Nissan selling a lot of these Pathfinders, as they are simply not competitive. I really would not recommend a 2020 Pathfinder to anyone looking to buy or lease a new vehicle. It's merely okay as a short term airport rental car, but that's about it.
Comment from : mikefly562

Recently purchased the 2019 Pathfinder S trim, and I'd like to say that it was a pleasant surprise from the very moment I stepped into this vehicle.  Didn't really expect much from a Nissan, but I'd be the first one to admit that Nissan's came a long way.  AND, although the S trim is the base level trim, it pretty much had all the standard features I really need.  AC, power windows, door locks, MP3/CD player, alloy wheels, EMERGENCY BRAKING, rearview camera and rear parking sensors, high definition radio, standard 7 seater, and much more!  Although the navigation system doesn't come with this car, that's what our smartphones are for!  They're all equipped with navigation with voice instructions!  AND, this vehicle just feels so solid and sturdy.  It's got the heavy doors, and the sheet metals feel solid and sturdy all around!  It looks and feels like a safe vehicle.  I think the Pathfinder drives smoothly, and considering the size and weight of this vehicle, I think the acceleration feels quite lively as well.  An unintelligent neighbor of mine saw my new Pathfinder and made a pretty unintelligent comment when he said, "Oh, I test drove one of those and the acceleration felt heavy and sluggish compared to my brand new Maxima!"  Uhhh...NO SHIT SHERLOCK!  The Pathfinder outweighs the Maxima by approximately 800lbs AND most SUVs weren't built for speed you numbnut!  I just couldn't understand the reason behind such a low ranking/ scores the Pathfinder received by the US News Auto Rankings...it just seemed like the US News was on a mission to downgrade the Pathfinder in every aspect, but according to this video, Alex is giving pretty decent scores for the Pathfinder.  Anyhow, in my personal opinion, the Pathfinder just drives and feels like a high quality vehicle.  My only question about the Pathfinder would be the long term reliability, however, that's to be revealed in another couple of more years.  I've heard about the transmission issues/ failures the earlier Pathfinder models were experiencing, but I've heard that the transmission issue has been taken care of by Nissan.  In fact, one neighbor drives a 2017 Pathfinder SL with over 25k miles, and another neighbor drives a 2018 Pathfinder SV with over 14k miles, and knock on wood, but both of them said they've had no issues whatsoever with their Pathfinders which gives quite a bit of peace of mind.
Comment from : Y N

Nissan has become garbage
Comment from : themagicbanana

Dude, how does the 3rd row in this vehicle get a 10/10? I’m not even comfortable back there and I’m not even close to 6 feet tall. Plus, your knees were up in the air. I mean, I actually find the Durango’s third row more comfortable than this vehicle. For the Durango, I actually feel like I can sit in the third on long car trips. This vehicle, not even close. I will even go as far to say that the Durango’s 3rd Row is probably the most comfortable in it’s class.
Comment from : MetalAndMotorsGuy506

Pathfinder LGBT version...
Comment from : LPerez430

James Edward Chan
The Best reviewer as always! Very detailed and non biased..
Comment from : James Edward Chan

Dima K
Great review!
Comment from : Dima K

David Nabob
Recently purchased a preowned 2008 V8 LE. My brother in law has a 2011 Armada. The driving dynamics are totally different. The Pathy V8 is faster, shorter turning radius, and gets better gas mpg, because it weighs about 650lbs less. It was wholesaled out to me, because of a few maintenance issues. Couldn't be happier. It's a blast to drive and other drivers back off once they see the V8 emblem and hear the exhaust note, lol. One thing I find strange is that the Tow-Haul button synchronizing the transmission during towing was not available on the V8? Such an option was on both the Armada and Titan. Can anyone answer this?
Comment from : David Nabob

broke duece
I own the 2013 Pathfinder, and love everything about it. I dont know why it gets such bad rep.. I am looking to upgrade soon, but there is nothing to upgrade to. All other crossovers doesnt offer better mpg nor better 3rd seating.. i am missing apple carplay
Comment from : broke duece

With all the complaints about this vehicles cvt transmission, why would anybody want this vehicle, do research people
Comment from : Eroom

Jim C
I had a 2015 PathFinder LS Premium Package, loved it, no troubles with the CVT or anything else. Had close to 90.000 miles so I just traded it for a 2019 Rock Creek Edition SL and love it so far. Alot more safety features than my 2015 and l like the new Rock Creek Edition design.
Comment from : Jim C

Kash Wai
Will choose Pathfinder as always. Cheers
Comment from : Kash Wai

Arthur Vaz
Great analysis, deep and comprehensive, good job. Thanks for sharing that with us. Loved it.
Comment from : Arthur Vaz

Nithish Varghese
Pathfinder is extremely comfortable ...And the mileage that it gives even being such a huge vehicle with all passengers is unbeleivable..It has other cons but the handling is the best...
Comment from : Nithish Varghese

David Fajardo
The fake Pathfinder is the midsized X-Trail. The real Pathfinder is the Nissan Terra, the Navara based SUV.
Comment from : David Fajardo

Marc Gratton
Never more Gazoline cars you get it u Retards
Comment from : Marc Gratton

How A+ On ride quality you are shaking badly the whole video !
Comment from : amrsalahabd

Nissan Nation Podcast
This Rock Creek is cool but a bandaid till the Next Gen pops very soon
Comment from : Nissan Nation Podcast

This car is Perfect!
Comment from : factargum

Allen Kinchen
I have the 2015 Pathfinder , and I love it , mainly for the ride and fuel economy .. I have about 38,000 now , the down side is the drivers seat does not go High enough for my wife whom is a short girl . So she could not drive it , she stayed with my old CRV . So I simply unbolted the drivers seat and added a 2 inch lift extension to keep her happy.. Remember everything goes on Sale including the Pathfinder , I have the base model and paid 29,000 . It is ultra quiet and smooth especially with the new Korean tires with Silicon . I improved the Air Intake on the Pathfinder which improves Fuel economy by at least 1 MPG over all , and since my driving is mostly Texas highways , I normally get above 30 MPG if I keep below 70 > . Next to the Pathfinder is the Honda Pilot ,, but they have the same seating problem , much more suited for larger people . so I switch from Nissan to Honda's constantly , have owned many of each in my 71 years . I have a large family of 8 . so when they are paid for , the kids wind up with a Free Vehicle
Comment from : Allen Kinchen

Faith Milliner
So interesting that when Nissan came out with this bodystyle, loyal Pathfinder owners ripped the new design apart. Fast forward to 2019 and now some say the design is dated. I totally disagree. I still love the design when I hop in or see another on the road. When I test drove this SUV in 2014, Nissan wasnt even on my radar. We test drove 8 different SUVs and Nissan (our last test drive) offered every option (fully loaded with all maufacturer options) we wanted in an SUV without feeling like we needed to sell off body parts to afford one. 5 years later, my Pathfinder hasnt given me one mechanical issue and as far as cosmestics, I still feel like I am driving one good looking SUV. Never ever do I feel pressured to buy anything else. My only gripe, the front visors sag (purchased new ones so easy fix) and the driver/passenger leather seats have been replaced because the leather was showing signs of wear that I wasnt happy with. Nissan replaced both seat coverings at no charge. When mine dies (which I'm hoping it lasts another 5-7 years) I will buy the Infiniti model only because the leather is superior to the leather in the Pathfinder. And you cant beat the heated/cool front seats and heated second row seats. Just the best SUV overall in my opinion.
Comment from : Faith Milliner

Josh Russell
Pathfinder has been junk since the platform switch
Comment from : Josh Russell

Tony Bocacci
Anyone know if it has apple car play???
Comment from : Tony Bocacci

Jonathan Stern
Hey Alex great review but this is a true 4WD not AWD. Unlike an AWD that is 40/60 split this is a true 50/50 split in the 4WD mode.
Comment from : Jonathan Stern

suhail ahmed
Pathfinder used to be such a good offroadr n very reliable since these new models its gone bad. Looks soft n un reliable n even altima is very un reliable now
Comment from : suhail ahmed

VW dealer not that great in the area so I went Nissan. As you said about the Atlas, the VW has some reliability issues. That is a red flag to me. I am a fan of Japanese vehicles. The Toyota fell short (no pun intended) when it came to room. And with the end of the year discount of 3500.00 off the Pathfinder Platinum. I was very happy. Being an "old" guy, the Apple play Android stuff is not required. But the passive cruise and for"old people" safety driving assistance is great. Love the "bells and whistles" and that CAMERA when it comes time to park the big guy. And the blind spot and sonar protection for us elderly drivers is great. Took 5 adults and one grandson for a drive through the local back roads. No complaints from any of the adults and only one road noise could be heard.. About every 6 minutes we heard " are we there yet" and every 7 minutes " how long is this going to take". One of those comments came at a red light. All in all, we think we made a great choice. If there was one thing that I would like to see in the 2020 Pathfinder. It would be sound proof glass between the second and third roll seat. Great review of the "big" SUV's . Thanks Alex.. Looking forward to the 2020 Pathfinder..
Comment from : drollig

Herp McDerp
If I needed the space, I would buy any 3-row-crossover in this video - except the Atlas. Because Volkswagen is a shit company.
Comment from : Herp McDerp

broke duece
The Pathfinder doesn't get much love online, but still truly enjoy my 2013. Love the room, infotainment could use an update.
Comment from : broke duece

Mauricio Cabrera
Excellent SUV. Lots of Infiniti features for a Nissan price. I love the design, it doesn’t look like an LA police vehicle. It’s more stylish and elegant. And if you truly want an off road vehicle, you can purchase any trim with 4WD capabilities. And the infotainment is great as it is more focused on voice commands rather than complicated screens (great when driving), and with Infiniti features!
Simply the best

Comment from : Mauricio Cabrera

veronica villavicencio
hi, i have a question, which one has more cargo space? Nissan pathfinder or chevy traverse? thank you, great video!
Comment from : veronica villavicencio

Not sure about others, but explorer looks the best and more SUVish .....fuel economy is a concern though
Comment from : shashisonu9

Daniel happy
That steering wheel was in Nissans in 2004. It sucks.
Comment from : Daniel happy

Gerard Arciga
All these people ranting about Nissan and their CVT”s, I bet none of them know what a oil dipstick is or a transmission flush, or scheduled maintenance is, or what proper preventative maintenance is, get your lazy asses off the couch and do your own maintenance on your car and will it will last longer and also be so reliable in the long run, I owned many Nissans, did all the scheduled maintenance and 400,000 miles later still going, why because of proper preventative maintenance. You do this to any car brand and holy [email protected]#! Your vehicle will run forever
Comment from : Gerard Arciga

Gerard Arciga
Comment from : Gerard Arciga

Hec Pe
I've had the Pilot 2005 and 2012 (new) both had all sorts of issues with engine lights going on and shocks needed to be replaced before 60000, Honda's warranty is only 36000. Nissan is 60000 and 100000 on CVT. Had Accords that lasted forever though. I tow a 4300 lbs travel trailer, couldn't do it with the Honda's. I bought a new 2015 Pathfinder, worked like a charm. You can't even feel your towing, only on hills you can feel it needs more power, but no issue as it tows like a champion. I travel with a family of 6 and all the gear. Never had any issues whatsoever with CVT or anything else. Only oil changes, brakes and gas. I plan to change it for the 2020 Pathfinder. As mentioned here, you can't beat the ride nor the space. Very pleasant to drive even when you are off road or towing in national park.
Comment from : Hec Pe

The Shooter's Bay
That center stack look like it's from 2005!
Comment from : The Shooter's Bay

Orlando Negron
I have a 2008 Pathfinder with 226,000 miles. I love the body style of my Pathfinder. My goal is to reach 300,000. I also had a 1997 Pathfinder. I really don't like the new Pathfinder since they changed the body style in 2013. I have no idea which SUV I would buy when I'm ready. I am a Nissan guy since 1990 and love their cars over the years. On another note. Your review on the Pathfinder was excellent.
Comment from : Orlando Negron

Kaitlyn Jade
I hope they update next years!!
Comment from : Kaitlyn Jade

nope... gimme back the 2008
Comment from : KAS

I've been waiting for a new design. I hope 2020 does so I can buy one
Comment from : Hal

jason wu
wait for 2020 a complete redesign.
Comment from : jason wu

Sav Pharm
If he didn’t say 2018 I would’ve thought this car was a 2004 model. It’s so outdated
Comment from : Sav Pharm

Worthless shitbox
Comment from : Tony

Asif Ali Rahman
I have been using this pathfinder for one year now. I must say I have driven a lot of cars even some premium brands but I haven't seen such comfort and stability on high speeds in any other vehicle. Nissan pathfinder is an amazing SUV.
Comment from : Asif Ali Rahman

Brady Bisgard
This front interior is so ugly
Comment from : Brady Bisgard

sridevi metals
Is these sold in chennai
Comment from : sridevi metals

Afrik Ehigie
I don't think that CVT transmissions have been perfected enough to take a chance on right now. Especially on a vehicle of significant size like this Nissan Pathfinder. I have heard a few horror stories about these Nissan CVT transmissions not being very reliable across the board. I got a friend who has a Nissan Rogue with a CVT transmission replaced under warranty at 40000 miles. I won't be taking a chance on any CVT transmission anytime soon.
Comment from : Afrik Ehigie

Why wasn’t it compared against CX9? I think CX9 is the best 3-row SUV currently in the market unless you want a very practical 3rd row.
Comment from : VN P

Common Man Outdoors
CVT transmissions are absolute garbage.  I'm on my 3rd one in a 2013 Nissan Altima with only 62,000 miles.  This is only a sedan, I can only imagine how horrible this transmission would be in a heavier SUV.  Many reviews show the CVT transmission cant get it done off road either.  It basically gives up even when the motor has enough HP and torque to get it done.
Comment from : Common Man Outdoors

Bob Smith
Its a pile of crap...I have one...one of the worst as far as cargo space and it has a ton of mechanical issues...rent one and beat on it and see if you like it...
Comment from : Bob Smith

Syd Ali
CVT....stage exit left! I don’t know, just dislike them a lot. Perhaps ‘cuz i drove the stick shift for longest period of my life.
Comment from : Syd Ali

Nissan what the 2003 is going on with this car?! The exterior and interior are already dated! Also, that fake wood looks HORRIBLE!
Comment from : pleasantcrew

B. F.
Just don't understand why Nissan didn't add LED tail lights on this crossover when it updated for 2017, but yet cheaper Nissan crossovers have LED tail lights
Comment from : B. F.

Best value among Japanese 3 row SUVs with non-turbo engines. Highlander is way too small and Pilot is way too expensive.
Comment from : pridetobedifferent

NIssan is lazy trust me we all are but they don't give a sh*t LOL
Comment from : D.E.P H MC.

I test drove both the Atlas and the Pathfinder, and I went home with the Pathfinder. Better reliability, better fuel economy, cheaper price, and way more towing capacity made this a no- brainer.
Comment from : TacticalPreppy

Blake Swan
Nissan needs to just change its name to Hertz and I think they would be viewed ,such more favorably. They are great rental Vehicles.
Comment from : Blake Swan

The problem I have with any 3-row crossover or SUV is that the passengers in the third row are not safe from a rear-end crash. I'm therefore sticking with 2-row crossovers and SUVs.
Comment from : Transpower

Aidan Wallington
I don’t think that anyone goes around feeling the dashboard to see if it’s made of plastic... At least they put soft touch on the places that actually matter.
Comment from : Aidan Wallington

Sean Seilheimer
I'd probably go with a Durango honestly...
Comment from : Sean Seilheimer

Michael Tarubal
Yes true. Mine is still 2014 and no issues. Fuel econ is great and legroom is really generous. Thanks Alex for no bias review
Comment from : Michael Tarubal

Jay Mac
I put the Pathfinder in the same level as the Ascent. Not that good. The ascent is really underpowered and has a CVT, this has good power but still has a CVT. A CVT isn’t meant to be put in everything. CVTs are meant to make the most of what little power a small engine has. Also Subaru and Nissan don’t use the best CVTs. They are a mess in terms of reliability and just shouldn’t be put in every single vehicle they have
Comment from : Jay Mac

DW Cromartie
Comment from : DW Cromartie

Pretty sure it doesn't imitate shifts because they haven't updated that thing in years.
Comment from : 2012bigPerm

Sam SungTab
I test drove all the cars he mentions. One reason to choose pathfinder was 3rd row seats and cargo. No other cars mentioned in this video come close. If those are important to you get it. If not theres many other choices with better tech.
Comment from : Sam SungTab

Peter Huynh
FWD biased + CVT = pathetically stupid
Comment from : Peter Huynh

Samaan Alkhaldi
Please, Nissan, I hope the new Pathfinder CVT transmission has a launch gear and planetary gear set installed on the transmission output for Low Range 4x4. Also, need to electric rear differential lock.

Great review, thank you.

Comment from : Samaan Alkhaldi

DBR Enterprises Inc
Why did you forget about the ford flex which has more room then all of those crossovers listed
Comment from : DBR Enterprises Inc

2013 car for 2018 price! Makes no sense
Comment from : BBB T

Gerardo Pietrantoni
I would get neither the Volkswagen or Nissan. Probably the Toyota with regular six speed transmission. I don’t like the CVT and dated Nissan. Also I don’t think you can safely tow 6,000 pounds with that CVT transmission. You can do it, but it will not last long. I like the looks of the Volkswagen but not the extra cost to maintain. The Explorer would be a good option but I don’t think it’s as reliable as a Toyota.
Comment from : Gerardo Pietrantoni

Calvin Hikes
Just so you know Alex, whenever an ad pops up in the middle of a video I just move on with my life.
Comment from : Calvin Hikes

Review is great. Pathfinder is terrible. It's a 2004 model disguised as a fresh 2019 model.
Comment from : Tully3674

The Gentlemanly Way
Why not compare against the new Traverse? I'm seeing more and more Traverses in my area

Atlas is having teething issues in terms of reliability if you read the forums...

Comment from : The Gentlemanly Way

My brother has a Traverse, my brother-in-law has a Pilot, both are great crossovers. But i'm contemplating getting the Atlas, especially now that it has more standard features for 2019.
Comment from : PABLO ARVELO

kareem ali
Where the chevy traverse 2019 vid or 2018 ? Great vid btw?
Comment from : kareem ali

Elton Elzee
The highlander is better than this Nissan in very way possible.
Comment from : Elton Elzee

The interior reminds me too much of my 2008 Honda Pilot. That's not necessarily a good thing.
Comment from : ThatWasherNerd

Omega Beta
The pathfinder is on an old path.
Comment from : Omega Beta

blud work
go back to previous gen, an SUV that actually lived up to it's name. This "car" couldn't find a path even if it tried. Another round box by Nissan.. exciting
Comment from : blud work

Terriell Porter
Bravo to you Alex for using an example with the child's seat and how it works(flipping/access to 3rd row). It's hard when you see reviews explaining that but they don't use one visually in a review. B R A V O!!👍🏾✅
Comment from : Terriell Porter

Ankur Sharma
Alex, I could not find any 2019 Traverse review of yours. I really need your comparison of that with the Pathfinder and the Atlas. Thanks!
Comment from : Ankur Sharma

I am in the market for 3 row SUV next year. I already own Altima13 and murano16. I was hoping they will make new pathfinder in 2019. this car not just outdated but also very bland. I do like the fuel economy and the seat comfort though....
Comment from : CaptainAT

Charles B
And it is a Nissan, yuck!
Comment from : Charles B

Dude, the Durango and the Traverse have more comfortable third rows than this outdated subpar mommy mobile. Seriously, those vehicles schools this vehicle in just about every way.
Comment from : MetalAndMotorsGuy506

Luke M
Wanted to buy one in 2014. The cabin was nice and front seats were very comfortable but... The CVT was very slow to respond, I think it took almost a second to start accelerating during a highway drive. There was strong vibration felt from transmission to which the salesman said 'you'll have warranty'. Rear seats were placed low to the floor so you had to sit with your knees high = very uncomfortable for longer trips. There was a $6k discount offered which put a new S model with awd at just under $26k. I passed and bought a smaller, more fun to drive and agile car which held resale value and gave me 4 years of trouble free, confident trips to mountains and deserts. I just don't trust Nissan.
Comment from : Luke M

Vintage Bitsndodads
Dated. Time for a refresh.
Comment from : Vintage Bitsndodads

Michael Stockton
That CVT is complete and utter trash. Do yourself a favor and just google the Nissan CVT in the pathfinder and read the horror stories. My father had a brand new 2015 that had to have THREE new transmissions.. the 3rd failed so they bought it back from him under the lemon law and gave him a new one. The second pathfinder had the exact same issues. 3 new transmissions with the 3rd failing. They bought it back from him and he went with a 4Runner. I would stay FAR away from this vehicle until they address the transmission issues.
Comment from : Michael Stockton

If you're gonna buy the Mallfinder, just buy a minivan. They all look the same.
Comment from : tubemember21

This car is from 2013 so what some of you expect?? It´s not hightech but the techniq is well proven and reliable also the transmission. Wonderfull NA V6 which will be rare in the future. I think we will see a new Pathfinder next year but maybe without V6. Not everyone want´s a car with super futuristic design that screams "Hey look at me i´m cool" and touchscreens everywhere. Simple knobs to adjust the AC, no shitting around in the menu or so.
Comment from : R P

Billy Wakwabi
Why wasn't it compared with Subaru Ascent??
Comment from : Billy Wakwabi

Renault junk:

Comment from : TruAgape1234

Really surprised the Subaru Ascent was not included in the list especially as that has a CVT and is actually new. Think a lot of people current are looking at the Atlas and the Ascent, so would think those two need to be in most reviews in this segment. Besides that nice review!
Comment from : Bravo1VE

the body on frame pathfinders were so nice, this is pathetic
Comment from : elai314

tao L
Not comparing it with Subaru Ascent, Mazda CX-9, Chevy Traverse those players? Alex please add them to the comparison!!!
Comment from : tao L

Darren Persad
Nissan has been the perfect embodiment of mediocrity and complacency in the automotive world for a long while now. Buying one is akin to merely settling for “good enough,” and not striving for anything more. Sports cars aside, Nissan and even many Infiniti vehicles are just bland at this point, and aren’t even worth the time of the people that buy them. If they lack daring, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.
Comment from : Darren Persad

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